28 ene. 2016

Ways to stop bullying for kids

We celebrate Peace Day every year but ... we don´t we start at our school?
Respect , tolerance ... are words to practice everyday and everywhere.
Anyway if you find someone who doesn´t respect yoy you can use this 4 steps method and remember : You are not alone !!! Find someone to talk : Teachers will allways listen to you.

Ways to stop bulling for kids

You tube : Ways to stop bullying for kids

14 ene. 2016

Grade 6 Doctor Role Plays

On November 25th, 6ºC and 6ºD became doctors! To practice English vocabulary about going to the doctor, each class performed a short role play in groups of two. One person was the doctor, and the other was the patient. We had a great time with this project, and the results were great. Here is a short video with photos and videos of the students in different role plays. Enjoy!