8 dic. 2016


The grade 4 students are making  a research about their
own pets: clasification, feeding, habilties, phisical features,etc.
After that, they have explained their results to their class mates, but
even some of them, have taken their own pets to the class to show
them, like Leonardo. He has brought his turtle.
What a wondeful idea!!!.


Quieres practicar y aprender idiomas escuchando y jugando con tus canciones favoritas?
Si pinchas en las dos imágenes de abajo podrás acceder a la páginas de Lyricstrainning, tanto en inglés como francés. Escuchas y rellenas los espacios de las letras de las canciones. Puedes seleccionar el modo que quieras y el nivel también. 



5 dic. 2016

Animal Profiles

Foxes are mammals. They hunt alone. They have great sense of hearing, and they use scent to communicate. They live in dens. They are omnivores. They eat rabbits, mice, and insects. They are eaten by wolves, bears, and humans. They typically live in forests.

Elephants are mammals. They are the largest living land animal. The trunk also works as a nose, arm, hand, and tool. The trunk is strong enough to remove a tree and delicate to pick berries. Elephants are good swimmers but they cannot jump or run. They are herbivores. They eat grass, fruits, and vegetables. They are threatened by humans, lions, and crocodiles. They live in the savannah in Africa.

Snakes are reptiles. They are good swimmers and can jump from trees into the water. They live in rivers. Snakes are carnivores. They eat frogs and fish. They are threatened by humans. They live in water with vegetation.

The Spanish Flag is a fish. It is pink and yellow with alternating stripes, which resemble the flag of Spain. They live in pairs. They can swim upside down or vertically. They are carnivores. They eat crabs and fish. Bigger fish can eat the Spanish Flag. They live in the deep ocean. The Praying Mantis is an insect. They are harmless to humans. They hep farmers by eating insects that destroy crops. They lay eggs. They are carnivores. They eat mosquitoes, flies, roaches, and spiders. They are eaten by bats, birds, and frogs. They live in gardens and also in tropical rainforests.

The octopus is a mollusk. They can change shape and color. They can camouflage. To hide movements and confuse preadors, they release dark ink. They don’t have any bones. They are very intelligent. They are carnivores. They eat crustaceans, worms, and fish. They are eaten by humans, whales, and sharks. They live in tropical waters.

The rooster is a bird. It is the name for an adult male chicken. They cannot fly. They have good hearing, but cannot smell or taste well. Roosters have existed for about 5,000 years. Roosters are omnivores. They eat worms, fruit, seeds, insects, and other foods. They are eaten by opossums, hawks, and foxes. Roosters are domesticated.

1 dic. 2016

Christmas is coming!!!!.Nöel arrive!!!

Disponéis en esta web mix de un montón de enlaces de juegos, canciones, manualidades relacionadas con la navidad en diferentes idiomas: francés, inglés y español.. Así podréis entrar en casa en las páginas trabajadas en el cole y las canciones de navidad preparadas por las distintas clases.